It’s been awhile, no?

I always said I never wanted to be “that” blogger — you know, the one who disappears, or just has random posts every few months. When I like a blog, it becomes part of my routine. And every single time the page loads to the same post from two weeks ago, I get disappointed. And sometimes, truthfully, irrationally angry.

C’mon, just write a new post already! It cannot be that difficult!

And now, on this side of it, it’s not difficult. It’s not for me, at least. But it’s strange.

This blog was built for me to chronicle this new adventure, and I love that. And now, I’ve been living it…really in the thick of this new life, and I’ve had a hard time thinking of something profound to share.

And this weekend, I found it.

This weekend Tom and I traveled to the first of many weightlifting meets. I guess technically it wasn’t his first meet, but it was his first meet since the move, and his first meet where he felt really confident in what he was lifting. To put it as humbly as I can, he’s becoming a big deal.

We arrived at this meet in a scene reminiscent of a movie. The door slammed behind us, and everyone’s eyes turned to look at us. {Well, more than likely, him.} As he lifted on the platform, I sat in the front row, phone in hand as I captured video for him. I heard murmurs behind me, and as I turned, I saw at least a dozen hands outstretched, equipped with phones or cameras, grabbing photos and videos of Tom. After a successful lift, the woman next to me turns and says, “He’ll be going to the Olympics.”

After the meet was over, I turned to walk toward him and spotted him against the back wall, medal around his neck and trophy in hand. There was a line forming around him, people posing for pictures and telling him how much they enjoyed watching him and his team train.

Over the past few months, we’ve both worked diligently to create an online presence for Tom…a website that showcases his talents as an athlete, and another that demonstrates the knowledge he has of the body, training, and honing athletic skills. If you build it, they will come…right?

And on Saturday, they did. And since that day, after being crowned North Carolina State Weightlifting Champion, computers, emails and phones have not stopped beeping. Not one to sugarcoat, I’ll say with blunt brutality that Tom’s performance wasn’t great {for Tom}. He didn’t do the best he has before, and he didn’t get the numbers he wanted {though he got the numbers he needed for some competition red tape.} But people are putting a name to a face, a performance to a faceless training log.

And it’s really, really exciting to watch. It’s a very, very tiny taste of what’s to come, that’s definite. But nonetheless, it’s humbling and gratifying to see that this leap of faith we took has manifested into something, even if it’s something small.

Bigger things on the horizon…always.


2 thoughts on “Fame{ish}.

  1. Hilary says:

    I literally just got chiiillllsss reading this! How exciting, and congrats! You two are both “fameish” here….I’m always telling Jake about another recipe or training tip, lol!

  2. Mary LaRocco says:

    Beth, this all sounds sooo exciting! Wow!!! I look forward to reading your continuing posts. Keeping you and Tom in my prayers!!! Love, Aunt Mary

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